The Best Air Purifiers for Mitigating Mold

Why should you be worried about mold and why is it necessary to have air purifiers at home?

Should you be worried and alarmed if you have found out a mold problem in your house? Well, in some circumstances, the molds found in your room, cabinet, or walls can make you sick, especially if you are battling some allergies or asthma. That’s worrying and alarming, isn’t it?

However, not only can mold trigger your allergies or asthma, but can also irritate your eyes, throat, skin, nose, or even your lungs. They can really trigger severe health issues. Letting these molds stay in your house wouldn’t be a good idea, that is why it is always necessary to remove the mold spores from the air.

Stop mold spores from contaminating your air with an air purifier

Just to give you a brief idea, mold is a type of fungus. It is a living and breathing organism that commonly thrives on areas that are moist. Fortunately, one way to prevent molds from harming you is by using an efficient air purifier as it can help in obliterating airborne mold spores and providing fresher and cleaner indoor air to breathe.

Therefore, what filters should an air purifier possess first to mitigate those annoying molds? What are the most efficient air purifiers that can help you alleviate these molds and give you healthy and fresh air? We’ll discuss these questions in this article.

What types of filters should an air purifier possess first to efficiently mitigate mold?

This powerful air filter is one of the most utilized filters in top-grade air purifiers. It is an efficient filtration method that hypothetically eliminates and seizes up to 99.97% of dust, bacteria, and molds.

  • Activated Carbon Filter

This filter mainly helps in taking away bad odors. Molds usually contain components that create irksome mold odors. However, with the huge help of the granular activated carbon adsorbent present in this premium filter,  the volatile organic compounds and other chemicals active in molds can be fully eradicated.

  • UV-C Light filter

This filter isn’t usually present in typical air purifiers, but this is actually a very powerful filter that can undeniably get rid of mold spores. The UV-C light primarily works in damaging the DNA of the mold spores. So it is certain that air purifiers with UV-C light are the most reliable when it comes to putting an end to those molds.

What are the best air purifiers for mitigating mold?

Oransi is by far one of the highest-grade air purifier creators out there. They provide air purifiers that effectuate much better than any other air purifiers. Amazingly, they are guaranteed to last for a very long time. Plus, leading scientists have assisted Oransi in creating and developing the most dependable air filters.

Below you will see their best air purifiers that are ultra-efficient when it comes to fighting molds.

  • Max HEPA Air Purifier

As stated earlier, air purifiers with HEPA filters can hypothetically eliminate at least 99.97% of molds. Luckily, this Max Air Purifier by Oransi contains a true HEPA filter that can powerfully fight those mold spores in your house. It maximally cleans and freshens the air, and gets rid of dust, viruses, and mold spores.

This air purifier is ultra-lightweight, and inside of it includes an activated carbon filter which can help in diminishing that nauseating smell that molds give. The smell that molds produce can be quite irritating to your nose and might trigger breathing problems.

However, because of the modernized activated carbon filter present in the Max HEPA air purifier, it won’t be a burdensome for you to breathe odor-free, clean, and fresh indoor air.

  • Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier

If you’re battling some allergies and breathing issues due to the vast spreading of mold in your house, this Finn HEPA UV air purifier might be a wise selection to wipe the unhygienic air out. It helps in relieving allergies and molds. Moreover, it wipes out 98% of airborne allergens and its UV-C light totally removes the markups of DNA in mold spores.

If your office, bedroom, or basement starts to build some molds, this air purifier can undoubtedly help you protect your health. It is highly beneficial and it is even rated as the #1 air purifier based on the independent study by Clemson University.

Aside from putting an end to the mold spores, it can also get rid of the bad odors made by those molds. It is very easy to use as it has intuitive controls with simple filter access.

  • EJ120 Air Purifier

This air purifier is very unique and high-class as it is powered by a top-grade German motor. It is sure to give an excellent performance especially in completely removing the mold spores in the air. It is also effective in wiping out dust, smoke, pet furs, and some viruses.

Moreover, this high-standard air purifier has been selected by Javits Center in New York to purify the air in the field hospital. You can clearly see here its superiority among other air purifiers as this ultimate air-cleaning apparatus proves that it can truly aid you in getting rid of those mold spores and protecting your health.

Adding another dimension, a Korean brand named Coway is also known for creating superior air purifiers. Below you can see one of their high-grade air purifiers that’s very potent in mitigating molds.

This amazing air purifier is also proven to reduce 99.99% of ultra-fine particulates as well as mold spores. It has three levels of filters: first is a washable pre-filter, second is a deodorization filter, and third is a true HEPA filter. It is very easy to use and it’s truly reliable when it comes to making your indoor air clean, safe, and refreshing.

It also has an automatic airspeed control which helps in controlling the airflow speed from low to high based on the air quality detected inside your house. It automatically controls itself in real-time with a smart particle sensor. Your indoor air will be totally free from mold spores with this newfangled air purifier.

Start removing those mold spores with a reliable and decent air purifier

Mold spores can easily break into your house and will start building through your walls and other moist areas. They can be dangerous as they will contaminate your indoor air. Letting this happen won’t be a good idea especially now in the times of pandemic, where we predominantly stay indoors. We need purified air inside our home to secure our health.

However, by getting the best air purifier, you can mitigate those pestiferous molds and live inside your house worry-free and refreshingly.